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Guns Etc

Gun Store in Mesa, AZ

Family owned & operated for over 34 years, Guns Etc is the pride of the east valley and one of the largest firearm retailers in the state of Arizona.

Our primary focus is on outstanding customer service, and our purpose is the responsible promotion and protection of your 2nd Amendment rights.

Guns Etc offers an extensive inventory of all things shooting-related in our 10,000 sq ft store. In addition, we provide our clients with unique and valuable services including gunsmithing, firearms training, private client sales appointments and exclusive memberships.

Come see what we have to offer today and discover why it's just different here.


Supporting 2A
Customer Service



Our in house gunsmith is available for all of your repair and customization needs!

Consignment Sales

Sell your gun at Guns Etc and get extra visibility through our online showcase!

Firearms Training

We offer Concealed Carry Classes and basic firearms training!

Virtual Simulator

Try out our virtual simulator, it's like being in an action movie!

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